How to become an official reseller

Using Privato Card to build significant income is easy


Apply for the program

Complete this form to apply to become a reseller. Once approved, we will give you access to our back-end system to order Privato Cards at a 50% discount.


Build your sales funnel

Offer Privato Cards (you choose the price) to your audience. We give you our permission to set this price lower than our retail prices so that you can take advantage of the 50% margin we offered.


Earn on every order & card load

You will earn profit two ways: (1) keeping the difference between our 50% discount and your advertised price and (2) earning 1% of every card load made to your customer's cards every month.


We handle all the details

From the moment you place your order for a discounted card, we will handle the activation, shipping, customer support and card loads.  All you need to focus on is sales!

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