Frequently Asked Questions

The Privato Card is a prepaid VISA debit card issued by a leading USA bank.  It functions like a normal prepaid gift card with the exception that it is funded using Bitcoin.

A plastic card is a physical VISA debit card that we ship to you.  You can insert it into an ATM or use at a merchant's credit card terminal.  A virtual card is an electronic VISA debit card that we will send by email.  You can use it for online purchases.

The Privato Card is accepted at retail and ATM locations that welcome VISA credit cards.  This is more than 100,000,000 merchants and 10,500,000 ATMs worldwide, in every country.

We welcome any client regardless of age or physical location.  Because the Privato Card is a prepaid product, KYC (personal ID) documents are not required to issue it.  Anyone can own and use a Privato Card.

Your Privato Card can only be funded by sending Bitcoin to you custom deposit address.  You can also load your card with cash at ATMs located in 80 countries or using our sister company

Your card will be issued in United States Dollars (USD).  It can be used in every country on earth, however.  You'll simply pay the market exchange rate offered by VISA.

Depending on your card type, VISA charges the following load fees: (1) for a yearly plastic card, 2.000%; (2) for a monthly plastic card, 3.000%; (3) for a yearly virtual card, 4.000%; and (4) for a monthly virtual card, 5.000%.

Plastic cards are shipped with tracking and are generally received:

To Europe: 3-7 days
To North America: 1-2 weeks
To Africa: 2-3 weeks
To Asia: 2-4 weeks
To Oceania: 2-6 weeks

Every Privato Card holder is given an online account provided by VISA.  From this account you will be able to check your balance, dispute charges, change cardholder information and reset your PIN.

Yes, Privato Card is owned by Rosslyn Technology LLC, which is licensed in the State of Wyoming, USA.  You can check our company's good legal standing here.

Your maximum card balance is $15,000. You may make up to 20 transactions ($7,500) per day. You may withdraw $1,220 from an ATM per day. You may withdraw $5,050 over the counter (in a branch) per day. You may load $10,000 per day.

We will deduct your subscription fee from your card's balance.  If your card does not have a balance at the time of billing, you will accumulate a 'balance owed' that will be satisfied from future deposits.

After you've purchased your card, we require confirmation of your Bitcoin transaction ID before we can issue your card. This prevents bots and malicious attempts to highjack our system.  You can find your transaction ID in your Bitcoin wallet used to make your purchase.

You funds will never leave your custody. When you deposit BTC to your own unique address, the Bitcoin will remain there until we exchange it for USD and load your card. Once the funds are loaded on your Privato Card, you are the only person with access to them, as the card functions the same as cash.