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General Information

The Privato Card is a prepaid VISA debit card issued by a leading USA bank. It functions like a normal prepaid gift card with the exception that it is funded using Bitcoin.

A plastic card is a physical VISA debit card that we ship to you. You can insert it into an ATM or swipe at a merchant's credit card terminal. A virtual card is an electronic VISA debit card that we will send by email. You can use it for online purchases.

The plastic Privato Card is accepted at retail and ATM locations that welcome VISA credit cards. This is more than 30 million merchants and 10 million ATMs worldwide, in every country.

Please note that we do not guarantee that our cards work on 100% of websites worldwide, as online payments can require specific requirements that prevent a prepaid card from functioning. If you encounter an issue with a specific merchant, please contact their support. Our support team does not provide support for 3rd party merchants. We only provide support for the issuance, activation and funding of your Privato Card.

We welcome any client regardless of age or physical location. Because the Privato Card is a prepaid product, KYC (personal ID) documents are not required to issue it. Anyone can own and use a Privato Card, just like an Apple iTunes gift card, for example.

Your card will be issued in United States Dollars (USD). It can be used in every country on earth, however. You'll simply pay the market exchange rate offered by VISA.

Yes, Privato Card is owned by Rosslyn Technology LLC, which is licensed in the State of Wyoming, USA. You can check our company's good legal standing here.  We have an exclusive card issuer agreement with a Top-5 USA bank, which is subject to annual audit and review.

A virtual card has a load fee of 3%.  A plastic card has a load fee of 2%.  Cards purchased as part of our package have load fees of 1%.  There are no recurring fees after you have purchased your card.

Your card cannot be used past its expiration date (5 years from your time of purchase).  You must spend your balance before the first day of the month of expiration or your funds will be lost.

You funds will never leave your custody. When you deposit BTC to your own unique address, the Bitcoin will remain there until our automated program exchanges it for USD and loads your card a few moments later. Once the funds are loaded on your Privato Card, you are the only person with access to them, as the card functions the same as cash.

Orders & Activation

Click here to choose your Privato Card and follow the instructions.

Yes.  Our minimum bulk order size is 50 cards.  All bulk orders receive a 50% discount.  To make a bulk purchase of virtual or plastic cards, please contact our support team with the following information: (1) the type of cards you wish to order, (2) the amount of cards you wish to order and (3) what amount you wish to pre-fund on each card (optional).

Yes, our shipping and tracking is always free.

Plastic cards are printed and shipped with tracking in 72 hours or less and are generally received:

To Europe: 3-7 days
To North America: 1-2 weeks
To South America: 2-3 weeks
To Africa: 2-3 weeks
To Asia: 2-4 weeks
To Oceania: 2-6 weeks

Please keep in mind that once a Privato Card is shipped and enters the post system, we are unable to provide further updates, as we have exactly the same information as you.  If you'd like a detailed update, contact your local post office and provide them with the tracking number.  We are not the post service and cannot intelligently answer your shipping questions after the card leaves our factory.

When we send the email containing your card details, we will send detailed instructions about how to activate your card. It is important that you follow all steps exactly.  You may activate your card online or by phone.

No problem.  Simply call VISA cardholder services and use the automated activation system.  The phone number and instructions are in your card details email.  You will not have to speak with a live person during this process.

Card activation involves choosing your PIN number and creating your online account.  We do not activate cards because this compromises your personal security.

Card Loads & Spending

Your Privato Card can only be funded by sending Bitcoin to you custom deposit address. You can also load your card with cash at ATMs located in 80 countries. Load instructions will be included with the information we send about your card details. Please be sure to keep this email.

We swap your Bitcoin on CoinBase minus a 5.000% spread.  You are given credit for the Bitcoin price on at the moment you make your card load, even if your transaction takes some time to reach six confirmations.

We process card loads multiple times per day, which ensures that every card holder's funds will be credited within 24 business hours or less.  The process is simple:

(1) After your transaction receives six confirmations on the blockchain, it enters our load queue.  Regardless of your transaction size, once you enter the load queue, your funds are certain to be loaded on to your card within 24 business hours.

(2) You can configure your online account to send you an SMS or email alert when your card funds have been loaded, which removes the need to monitor your account.

It is important for clients to realize that card loads will always be complete within 24 business hours, but depending on the timing of your confirmation, your actual wait time may be shorter.  We strive to complete all card loads with as little delay as possible.  As you patiently wait, please remember: our system is still much faster than making a bank transfer and it results in a completely anonymous card load that gives you pure financial freedom.

Every Privato Card holder is given an online account provided by VISA. From this account you will be able to check your balance, dispute charges, change cardholder information and reset your PIN.

Your maximum card balance is $15,000. You may make up to 20 transactions ($7,500) per day. You may withdraw $1,220 from an ATM per day. You may withdraw $5,050 over the counter (in a branch) per day. You may load $10,000 per day.

You must deposit $0.10 or more per card load.  Loads of lesser value will not be credited.

Yes!  You can receive a text message or email alert when your card is loaded, as well as a dozen other scenarios.  To configure this option, log in to your online bank account.

Yes, you can download a traditional monthly credit card statement from your online bank account.

Your Privato Card is a prepaid debit card. This means that your card must first be funded before you attempt a transaction. It is not a credit card and will not function without a balance.

To minimize or avoid declined or problematic transactions:

(1) Check your card balance from your online bank portal before making each transaction. If your balance is less than your intended purchase, your transaction will be declined.

(2) If you are attempting to add your Privato Card to a website as a payment method, most sites require a small test transaction of usually $1. If your card does not have any balance, this too will decline. We recommend having a minimum balance of at least $5.00 to avoid declinations on these type of transactions. (Note: this is the most common error our clients encounter)

(3) When making a purchase be sure you use the exact billing address, country and zip code we provided with your card details. If you use an incorrect variation or another address, your transaction will be declined. You can identify this issue by logging in to your online bank portal and looking at your transaction history. If you see an ‘AVS error’, this means you have used an incorrect address or date of birth.

(4) We do not recommend changing your card’s address, as it will compromise your anonymity. However, if you insist on using the card with your own address, this change can be done from your online banking portal.

(5) If you continue to receive a declined transaction on a particular site after addressing the issues above, we recommend trying a transaction on a different site (preferably, one that you know works). If this second transaction is successful, that likely means the first site does not accept our card. You should contact that site’s customer support team to inquire. If the second transaction is declined (especially if you have been successful in the past), you may have trigged the VISA security feature. To remove the security block you must call the VISA security team to verify your transactions (this number was provided to you in the Step 2: Activate Your Card section of your card details email). If you are not interested in making this phone call due to anonymous or logistical reasons, we encourage you to purchase a new Privato Card. After you take this step, contact our support team with your new card number and we will transfer the balance from your blocked card. Please note that the emails used on both the old and new card must match or we will not make this transfer (remember: you are anonymous to us).

(6) Please keep in mind that we do not guarantee the Privato Card works on every website on earth.

(7) Also remember that the Privato Card Support Team is only responsible for the successful issuance and activation of your card. We do not provide support for third party sites or cannot solve VISA security issues. Please do not open a support ticket for declined transaction reasons, as we cannot help more than the information contained in this section.

To protect your privacy we will refresh your Bitcoin address from time to time.  You must ensure that you are able to receive email notices at your registered email address.  If your inbox is full or you have not whitelisted '', you may miss the address update.  Bitcoin that is sent to an expired address cannot be recovered.  It is your responsibility to ensure you receive and read all communications from Privato Card.

Other Support Issues

Both PayPal and Netflix (as well as thousands of other popular sites) attempt to charge your card the sum of $1.00 as a demonstration that your debit card is active. If your card balance is $0.00 your attempt to connect to PayPal or Netflix will be declined due to insufficient funds.  To prevent this, be sure you have at least a $1.00 balance on your card.

If you see an 'AVS error' on your online account after being declined by Netflix or PayPal, this means that your billing information was either (a) entered incorrectly on the merchant's site or (b) it doesn't match the billing address on the merchant's records for your account. If this is the case, change the address of your Privato Card to match the merchant's records. You can do this from your online account.  Also, keep in mind that you will likely need to use a USA-based VPN to access either of these services.

Open a support ticket from the bubble in the lower right corner of our website.  We reply to everyone within 24 hours.

(1) Please do not open a support ticket about your card load if 24 business hours have not elapsed.

(2) Please do not open a support ticket about a specific declined transaction.  Instead, see the 'My transaction was declined.  How can I fix this?' thread in the section above.

(3) Please do not open a support ticket about an unfulfilled order if 48 business hours have not elapsed.  VISA may require this amount of time to issue your card (no worries: we'll keep you posted during the order process).  Be sure to read all receipts and info contained on our order pages for updates.

You may transfer the entire balance of a Privato Card to another Privato Card for a cost of $5.  Once the transfer is complete, the empty card will be automatically deactivated.  To initiate this transfer, open a support ticket and include these three pieces of information: (1) card number to transfer FROM, (2) balance of card, and (3) card number to transfer TO.  Please do not make a transfer request unless you are certain you want to deactivate your card.

After your order is confirmed, VISA issues your card number.  Because of fraud, we do not provide refunds.

Because we do not require personal ID documents, there is no way for us to verify your identity or ownership of a card, so we cannot update your email address.  This is to protect the security of all of our card holders. To sacrifice this would be to render our product vulnerable to attack. When placing your order, please be sure to whitelist "" to ensure you receive your card information and all product updates.  We cannot be responsible for email issues that arise on your side.

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