Share the Love on YouTube

Positive video = $20 loaded to your Privato Card

Because we want as many people to know about the amazing benefits of Privato Card as possible, we are looking for YouTube partners who want to earn $20.

Here's the deal:

(1) Apply to join our Share the Love program.  We will review your YouTube channel.  If your content and subscriber count looks healthy, we will approve your application.

(2) When your application is approved we will provide you with a 'Producer Code.'

(3) Create a short video that features something positive about your Privato Card.  Be sure to read the video guidelines.

(4) When your video is complete, simply let us know by opening a support ticket.  We will review your video to ensure it meets our guidelines.  If it does, we will deposit $20 to your Privato Card within 24 hours.

To be eligible for payment, your video must:

(1) Be produced in English (voice or text)

(2) Be at least 60 seconds in length

(3) Include 'Privato Card' and 'anonymous' in the title

(4) Include '' in the description

(5) Be generally positive about your Privato Card experience

After your video is complete & you are sure it meets our guidelines, simply open a support ticket from the chat bubble in the lower right corner of our website.  Provide us a link to your video.

Within 24 hours our staff will review your video to ensure it meets our guidelines.  If it does, we will load $20 on to your Privato Card.  If it does not, we will let you know by responding to your support ticket.

Ready to get started in the Privato Card Share the Love program?

>>> Click here to apply

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