Deposit Bitcoin.

Unlock your world.

Use with popular websites including:

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The easiest way to spend Bitcoin as cash.

Features that create endless possibilities.

Use with popular websites

The Privato Card has been tested with AWS, PayPal, Apple & Android app stores, eBay, & most of the world's leading websites. Unlock the services you are missing.

Use plastic card at ATMs to receive cash

Our plastic card works at any ATM on earth, giving you on-demand access to any fiat currency no matter your location.

No personal ID documents needed

We only require your email address & first/last name when ordering your card. This permits the card to be available to anyone from any country on earth.

High daily limits & unlimited cards

If you need access to large amounts of cash or make frequent purchases, our cards have healthy daily limits & you may order as many as you wish.

We were tired of meeting the "Bitcoin guy"

In the early days of Bitcoin, a few members of our company would constantly need to use the localbitcoins website to find people willing to exchange BTC for cash. Not only was it unreliable, but meeting up was time consuming!

As our passion for Bitcoin grew, we knew that it would be important to create a simple and amazingly reliable company to help others like us. In 2019 we created the Privato Card.  Today our cards are located in more than 70 countries.  The Privato Card is accepted anywhere that welcomes Visa prepaid cards--which we're glad to say is more than 100M merchants and 10.5M ATM's worldwide.



$ 4.99
One time payment
  • Card never expires
  • Fast digital delivery by email
  • Use with online retailers
  • Access popular sites
  • Airline + hotel bookings
  • No personal docs
  • Spend BTC as anonymous cash
  • Load fee = 5%

Lower load fee


$ 19.99
One time payment
  • Card never expires
  • Free shipping + tracking
  • Use with online & physical retailers
  • Access cash at ATMs
  • Airline + hotel bookings
  • No personal docs
  • Spend BTC as anonymous cash
  • Load fee = 3%

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